Sunday, December 10, 2017

Old times work happiness in nowadays world


"Old times happiness in the present day world
From my blog

 "It ca,me to my mind from the sentence "The sailor was fully sailing, meaning fully drunk." that here the drunkenness and sailing, I guess on a wooden ship waved by the waves, got mixed. In these modern times people tend to think that on the sea many drank lots of alcohol, but aren't he impression at the same time that sun is shining warmly, ship moves nicely under the feet, it is a quiet atmosphere, peaceful, moments full of happiness. Can it be that in the odl times, when the sailor on his on as a kid got to know the sea or lake, he was there associating with boats and waves having moment with a good spirit: the sea as an elelment according to the human nature, as a phenomenom that is huge and has a spirit of itäs own kind, the flow of life according to it, the way of life at the sea which maybe opens when one without education, via such expereincies that touch the s´instinct nature and teach skill gets to know the profession, guided by, maybe dustant, forefigures that are fascinated by it. Edication on the other hand brings an approach that has a different spirit, breaks the atmosphere and so one loses the spirit of things and does not feel as nice. But could my thinking course ( replace educated thinking by common sense that is at least as objective but easier to carry along, and in addition for example beneficiality based moral: do useful things, build better living conditions to the society and the world + "Live and let others livce" i.e. it is ok to be selfish in ways poosityive for happy life but not to mess with the lives of others, except fairly is ok (see and so keep both the good sides of education and good spirit in things, in things done. About learning skills on one's own, see ( "

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Pictures from Finland, today news:
(The weather of Finland is fatally dangerous in the winter season, if one does not have the weather skils for it. Like most people from tropics lack them, but well educated highly intelligent people who trust rationality very much and follow advices diligently if they have some time read such, even if they are kind of ill because of the weather difference, like people from Japan, India,and some Arabs seem to learn: flee immediately indoors if your body gets cold, in the same minute or so, no time for leisurely ways.)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Another blog: Learn talents and skills for your distant most loved dream job

Another blog of mine:
Learn talents and skills for your distant most loved dream job
easy, efficient, fun - you can soon apply for job in your dream profession!

unfortunately the part about changing social group is very long, over 500 chapters, so it remains untranslated
(16.8.2017   some 50 points of the part about changing your social group has already been translated)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

From another blog: Only nice work is worth a lot

Translation from my blog

Good quality objective thinking is largely the same as looking at a landscape and

noticing the structures in it correctly.

In learning new things it is very important to be sincerely interested in the

subject: it opens us to notice a lot, strongly, clearly, remembering it well, with

common sense and one's whole picture of the world along.

Already from this one can see that in an interesting subject one notices more and

with better quality, and has more energy, and one so gets much more work done and

does not tire so easily.

Likewise emotionally motivated interests make one's attention better, even if they

were of free time subjects. In other words one gets wiser when living that way, if

one has healthy spirit and mind (

One can see from this also that if something does not interest oneself, it dulls

attention if done for longer times and so makes one much more stupid, brings a poor

quality of work and a poor work efficiency. Such tasks are often better taken care

of alongside some work that one sincerely likes, for example that a nice work but

10min to half en hour in addition going through something not so interesting,

without giving up good quality.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Translation rights

This blog may be morally translated to other languages and so also my texts on links from this blog and my (khtervola) videos attached to this blog too.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Learn this skill

Ever now and then shortly after the beginning of your nice free time activity, think: "How is my way of looking at things richer in this hobby than in my work? What kinds of things do I observe more?"
Then when on the road to your work, think: "How can I do my work better and quicker with this extra skill brought by my free time fun?" For example positive emotions guide to better working ways of doing things and atmospheres give as associations new ideas. Please see the playlist Rationality of feelings on my video channel (mostly soundless text videos).

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Additional needed skill

Once you catch the idea, you could this way shorten your working day to 4 hours a day 5 days a week, if you get paid by the work done and not by the time consumed. If you are intelligent and have wisdom of life, you could in such work shorten your working days even more, but that requires more skill.
Anyway, once you get your work done quicker with more intelligence and skill, you are left with the problem of communicating with the slower witted fellow workers. For that have the idea that you want to communicate in your mind, picture it as a clearly sensed landscape like picture in your mind and see it in as great detail as the others comfortably think about things. Then just write it down or tell it to other in such smaller size bunches as they are comfortable with. That's it! You have thus mastered communication between different levels of intelligence.
For example in thinking work, the new idea may take just seconds to think thoroughly through with good quality, but writing it down may take a half an hour or even two hours, if you want to communicate and teach clearly and friendlily. (The more intelligent ones are easier to bear if they are not a burden but cause only a little bit of not so tirying work with which to avoid masses of extra labour.)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Relaxed reactive body increases intellectual capacity

The body and mind are connected via natural gestures expressing one's present state of mind. If one is stuck to habits, for example concentrated single-eyedly to certain task, then one's body too is restricted to certain posture with certain kind of movements only. Like fixed ways of thinking get expressed as fixed ways to keep one's body, likewise new ideas come much more easily when the body is relaxed and reactive, like is typical in friendly social situations where one tries to see things from the points of view of others too. The thus gained freedom of movement gives freedom for thoughts and so one's understanding becomes much better.
New ideas demand a change in one's attitude, which in turn is expressed as a change in one's habitual posture. Ideas sink in typically only after the body has been relaxed and reactive for a second or two. So much quicker is one's understanding when one's body is relaxed, lively and reactive.So practising relaxed nice sports which have lots of variation and demand reactivity, can increase one's intellectual capacity substantially.Reactive here means reactions that make sense according to each situation and not just messing around without any clear idea of what makes sense in such a situation.