Saturday, July 15, 2017

Another blog: Learn talents and skills for your distant most loved dream job

Another blog of mine:
Learn talents and skills for your distant most loved dream job
easy, efficient, fun - you can soon apply for job in your dream profession!

unfortunately the part about changing social group is very long, over 500 chapters, so it remains untranslated
(16.8.2017   some 50 points of the part about changing your social group has already been translated)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

From another blog: Only nice work is worth a lot

Translation from my blog

Good quality objective thinking is largely the same as looking at a landscape and

noticing the structures in it correctly.

In learning new things it is very important to be sincerely interested in the

subject: it opens us to notice a lot, strongly, clearly, remembering it well, with

common sense and one's whole picture of the world along.

Already from this one can see that in an interesting subject one notices more and

with better quality, and has more energy, and one so gets much more work done and

does not tire so easily.

Likewise emotionally motivated interests make one's attention better, even if they

were of free time subjects. In other words one gets wiser when living that way, if

one has healthy spirit and mind (

One can see from this also that if something does not interest oneself, it dulls

attention if done for longer times and so makes one much more stupid, brings a poor

quality of work and a poor work efficiency. Such tasks are often better taken care

of alongside some work that one sincerely likes, for example that a nice work but

10min to half en hour in addition going through something not so interesting,

without giving up good quality.