Sunday, December 10, 2017

Old times work happiness in nowadays world


"Old times happiness in the present day world
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 "It ca,me to my mind from the sentence "The sailor was fully sailing, meaning fully drunk." that here the drunkenness and sailing, I guess on a wooden ship waved by the waves, got mixed. In these modern times people tend to think that on the sea many drank lots of alcohol, but aren't he impression at the same time that sun is shining warmly, ship moves nicely under the feet, it is a quiet atmosphere, peaceful, moments full of happiness. Can it be that in the odl times, when the sailor on his on as a kid got to know the sea or lake, he was there associating with boats and waves having moment with a good spirit: the sea as an elelment according to the human nature, as a phenomenom that is huge and has a spirit of itäs own kind, the flow of life according to it, the way of life at the sea which maybe opens when one without education, via such expereincies that touch the s´instinct nature and teach skill gets to know the profession, guided by, maybe dustant, forefigures that are fascinated by it. Edication on the other hand brings an approach that has a different spirit, breaks the atmosphere and so one loses the spirit of things and does not feel as nice. But could my thinking course ( replace educated thinking by common sense that is at least as objective but easier to carry along, and in addition for example beneficiality based moral: do useful things, build better living conditions to the society and the world + "Live and let others livce" i.e. it is ok to be selfish in ways poosityive for happy life but not to mess with the lives of others, except fairly is ok (see and so keep both the good sides of education and good spirit in things, in things done. About learning skills on one's own, see ( "

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Pictures from Finland, today news:
(The weather of Finland is fatally dangerous in the winter season, if one does not have the weather skils for it. Like most people from tropics lack them, but well educated highly intelligent people who trust rationality very much and follow advices diligently if they have some time read such, even if they are kind of ill because of the weather difference, like people from Japan, India,and some Arabs seem to learn: flee immediately indoors if your body gets cold, in the same minute or so, no time for leisurely ways.)

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