Wednesday, July 13, 2011


and feelings

Feelings help to answer needs, that is the evolutionary reason why feelings exist.

Answering needs safeguards the ground for full functioning: for working ability and for the functioning of the group and the society. The last of these translates to meaningfulness, so it too agrees with the work efficiency point of view of producing things of worth from which to earn one's living.

Needs are important just the same way as bensin is important for a car. Like a wise person does not forget the need of bensin of a car, neither does a wise boss or a worker ever forget to answer the major needs of workers!

The most skilled objective thinkers make use of all their observations in their thinking work, that means not just those that they can put to words but all kinds of impressions and sensations.

I call the natural bunches in which your impressions come "atmospheres". These atmospheres are your perceptions in their pure undisturbed form that is the very best for thinking.

Like in mathematics it is typical that you estimate some spatical characteristics of the things that you examine, like "dense", "spatious" etc - all kinds of impressions for which we can find easy analogies in nature landscapes. Those are real observations of what each object is like and what the whole is like. So a really skilled thinker uses them too fully in one's thinking!

How this goes in practice, is easier to understand if you read my short guide to holistic objectivity to which there is a link here. It teaches you step by step what is needed for objectivity and it applies also in mathematics and engineering, even though the guide has been especially planned for science...

You can learn more about the role of feelings in thinking if you read my book, to which there is a link at the top of this page.

All arts increase one's sense of atmospheres. In other words: they make one's observational abilities better and teach one a better vocabulary of different kinds of abstract structures. Having an art hobby, like music or poetry for example, is enjoyable and fun: you exercise yourself in natural ways and so learn to find better functioning ways to do your work.

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