Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I promise here:

You get an increased work efficiency in mathematical kind of work via the following:

* recreation in the nature: just spending time in the nature while admiring the beauty of nature

* sports: doing enjoyable physical exercise relaxedly the senses open and according to what feel best for you - as long as it is a varied and demanding real sport

* painting, drawing, etc. - especially structured landscapes with a sensitivity to atmoshperes

* following feelings in healthy natural ways while having a holistic picture of what one feels about each kind of thing

* singing, playing an instrument and learning to compose

* meditation, prayer and healthy natural ways of living

* doing anything that you like emotionally - including a rich social life and sex

In the following I give explanations to how all these help one's working ability in mathematics etc.

For a more detailed explanation see MY BOOK "Hard Rationality of Feelings and Instincts", to which there is the link (It is a whole book: a large PDF file, so give the page time to load.)

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