Saturday, April 20, 2013

Relaxed reactive body increases intellectual capacity

The body and mind are connected via natural gestures expressing one's present state of mind. If one is stuck to habits, for example concentrated single-eyedly to certain task, then one's body too is restricted to certain posture with certain kind of movements only. Like fixed ways of thinking get expressed as fixed ways to keep one's body, likewise new ideas come much more easily when the body is relaxed and reactive, like is typical in friendly social situations where one tries to see things from the points of view of others too. The thus gained freedom of movement gives freedom for thoughts and so one's understanding becomes much better.
New ideas demand a change in one's attitude, which in turn is expressed as a change in one's habitual posture. Ideas sink in typically only after the body has been relaxed and reactive for a second or two. So much quicker is one's understanding when one's body is relaxed, lively and reactive.So practising relaxed nice sports which have lots of variation and demand reactivity, can increase one's intellectual capacity substantially.Reactive here means reactions that make sense according to each situation and not just messing around without any clear idea of what makes sense in such a situation.

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