Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Additional needed skill

Once you catch the idea, you could this way shorten your working day to 4 hours a day 5 days a week, if you get paid by the work done and not by the time consumed. If you are intelligent and have wisdom of life, you could in such work shorten your working days even more, but that requires more skill.
Anyway, once you get your work done quicker with more intelligence and skill, you are left with the problem of communicating with the slower witted fellow workers. For that have the idea that you want to communicate in your mind, picture it as a clearly sensed landscape like picture in your mind and see it in as great detail as the others comfortably think about things. Then just write it down or tell it to other in such smaller size bunches as they are comfortable with. That's it! You have thus mastered communication between different levels of intelligence.
For example in thinking work, the new idea may take just seconds to think thoroughly through with good quality, but writing it down may take a half an hour or even two hours, if you want to communicate and teach clearly and friendlily. (The more intelligent ones are easier to bear if they are not a burden but cause only a little bit of not so tirying work with which to avoid masses of extra labour.)

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